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Fraser Tearoom Is Closing

We have worked so hard to stay above water for the last year

We have been puppets to the governments demands, tried operating a thousand different ways and now it’s time to stop 🛑

Frasers will be taking time time to re evaluate the way we want to operate without any restrictions and re open at a time when we can offer the service we want to provide.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our kind and accommodating customers and to the staff that have stuck by us!

Our last fully open day will be Sunday 27th June - what we have left is what we have left - everything must go 💕

We will however be operating through Frasers guest house honouring any afternoon tea bookings already booked and any afternoon tea vouchers that need to be used.

I’m sure they’ll be more emotional posts as the week passes but if I can ask everyone to do ONE thing - when you dine out at your favourite restaurant , cafe or pub - let them know you enjoyed it - write positive messages all over their socials and support them as much as you can 💕

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